Using Artificial Intelligence in Assessment


Hardly anyone would argue that ubiquitous digital technologies are actively used in education and enhance modern learning environments. We share materials through Miro and Jamboard, make trivia games on Quizzes, not to mention having lessons via Zoom or Teams. However, when it comes to assessment, there is still a lot of debate on how accurately and reliably e-raters assess student performance. At the same time,
their role in lesson organization is increasing, which makes it an interesting topic to research.

Duringthe session we will consider the usage of artificial intelligence programs in language performance assessment and how such technologies can be implemented in class. We will talk about their advantages and disadvantages as well as the ways they can be adapted to different courses, be it exam or General English classes. In particular, we will discuss automated scoring in speaking and writing, which is currently one of the most debatable topics in ELT.