Kids can speak! Maximising production in primary and pre-primary classes

Teaching YL and Teens
Yes, it is true, our primary and pre-primary students can be only 4 or 5 or 7 years old and yes, it is true, they are, most of the time, still in the huge grey zone called pre-A1. And yes, it is true, their contact with English is limited to those few academic hours in our
classroom, with the addition of some songs or videos on youtube. All that does not mean that their language interaction should be limited to memorising vocabulary and communication on the one-word level.

Absolutely not. Kids can speak! Even on the pre-A1 level. We just need to help them. In this session, I would like to share with you My Professional Passion and My Professional Obsession #1: maximising production and how to go about it in class.